Safariland introduces new Vievu LE5 LITE Body-Worn Camera.

The new Safariland® VIEVU® LE5 LITE™ body-worn camera and digital evidence management system is now available to protect the officer’s integrity and the reputation and resources of agencies.

In the heat of the moment, officers make split-second decisions. Afterwards, evidence is gathered to tell the story. The LE5 LITE body worn camera tells the officer’s story: what is heard and what is seen in an incident, from their perspective.

The LE5 LITE body-worn camera is easy to use, while the digital evidence management system is quick to deploy, and requires minimal IT infrastructure to set up and operate. Built on Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, the digital evidence management system complies with the FBI’s Criminal Justice Services Information Division.

While the LE5 LITE is ideal for agencies that are sensitive to cost, the camera and system provide the superior quality and security all agencies demand to ensure their officers’ safety and integrity.