Tolmar - Airsoft Manufacturer

Today we have some world exclusive news for you! Our friends from Tolmar Company in Slowenia will display on IWA 2014 (Booth 7-628) their new full licenced AEGs and GBB/ CO2 Airsoft rifles and pistols series. So lets see what they will show us…


vz.58 Airsoft AEG

First we start with the biggest news. The famous czechslovak assault weapon vz.58. Its exclusivly for Tolmar produced by Ares and has a integrated Fire Control Unit (FSCU).

vz.58 AEG Airsoft by Tolmar

Its the first time this weapon is realised as an airsoft gun. The production of two models ( compact and carbine) has already started and in about 60 days it will be on the market.

Also other versions like full stock, tactical or as GBB Rifle are coming soon. More information about the power, system etc. we will release this week here.


ISSC M22 GBB & Co2 Version

ISSC M22 pistol GBB & Co2

The fully licenced M22 by austrian real firearm company ISSC is already produced by WE Airsoft and ready to sale and shipping. Here are some facts about this pistol:

  • Full metal Slide
  • Polymer Frame
  • 300 FPS Power
  • Integrated Rail System
  • CO2 and Gas version
  • Tan and black version



Gilboa Airsoft AEG

Last but not least Tolmar brings up a full licenced by Israel real firearms factory Gilboa Airsoft AEG Carbine line. Its an sportline edition and comes with 3 different length models.

Snímka obrazovky 2014-03-03 o 10.52.25

  • 380 FPS Power
  • Nylon Fiber Construction
  • Regonomic Grip

For more details about this guns and pistols please visit our blog from friday to sunday or visit Tolmar directly at IWA 2014 at Booth 7-628.