The Limited Edition Redwolf Airsoft Nighthawk GRP Recon CNC steel version now available in Black, Gold, Tungsten Grey or Burnt Bronze.

RWA Nighthawk GRP Recon - CNC Steel Limited Edition

Redwolf Airsoft is proud to announce the release of their most coveted airsoft replica to date; the Nighthawk Custom GRP Recon Steel Version. Following the past release of the economical skirmish-focused Nighthawk Custom Recon CO2 pistol, and the collectibleNighthawk Custom GRP Deluxe Aluminium Version and Nighthawk Custom Talon Deluxe Aluminium Version, RWA pushes the envelope further with this new CNC steel offering that combines beauty and performance.

RWA Nighthawk GRP Recon - CNC Steel Limited Edition 6

In the works for over 18 months to perfect the overall design, exterior fittings, surface texture, color, ergonomics, and shooting performance, this pistol redefines what you can expect from an Airsoft gun. Touted by some who have had an inside glimpse at this new model as the most realistic experience they have had with an airsoft gun, the new pistol impresses from the moment you pick it up. Feeling like it was carved out of one piece of metal thanks to precision CNC steel construction with no shakes, wobbles, or gaps, the performance also delivers impressive range and accuracy.

RWA Nighthawk GRP Recon - CNC Steel Limited Edition 7

The color, texture, high density checkering on the grips, and the sharply cut switches all closely echo that of the real thing. The new Nighthawk Custom GRP Recon Steel Version truly achieves its mark, and is commensurately desired by customers in Airsoft as real steel operators desire a Nighthawk Custom. Real Nighthawk Custom GRP pistols retail at over USD 3000 and are considered one of the best 1911?s in the world. The GRP Recon in particular was favored by both Chris Costa and Travis Haley when they served as instructors for Magpul Dynamics.

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