RWA will be soon releasing an Airsoft version of the Fortis Night rail system on the Redwolf Airsoft website. We unfortunately do not know much about the handguard in regards to the differences it will have with the real version, but can assume that it will be made to the dimensions of AEG receivers and may also be compatible with other Airsoft variants as well.

Fortis Night Rail

“When designing the Night Rail™, we wanted to design a handguard that was easy to install, but also to be able to mount with a full 360 degrees of contact.  Our new patent pending, two piece barrel nut is one of a kind. We developed it from the ground up and the machining time it takes to make the barrel nut, rivals the time making the actual rail. That’s not to say the rail is simple to make. One look and you’ll see that we really took time with this in design and development. What we ended up with is a rail that not only looks amazing, but is still true to our lightweight brand.  The barrel nut/mounting system keeps the rail performing even during the harshest of conditions.”

>> RWA Night Rail

>> Go to Fortis Website

Editor’s Notes:

Fortis is a well known brand for creating stunning and lightweight AR hand guards and rail systems. It is no surprise that these rails are highly sought after. We have to commend RWA for going all the way to provide the Airsoft industry a cheaper and more accessible alternative to the real thing.