New review is up from Robo-Airsoft, this time Robo reviews the Virtus – 3 Layer Prototype.

In this edition of Robo-Reviews, I share with you a “special edition” preview of some products I’ve had my hand in the prototyping phase, that will be dropping in 2017. For those of you following my IG, you’ll have seen the Virtus Outdoor Group 3-Layer system in my photos.

The Virtus 3-Layer jacket system is a brand new line of outdoor/tactical outerwear that will be coming in 2017. The entire premise is to allow the wearer to mix and match different outerwear items in order to best suit their environmental, temperature, and duty needs. Having tactical, outdoor, and fashion considerations in mind – let me show you why the Virtus system, even in prototyping stage 1, has completely replaced all of my other outer garment products, for my needs. As a special bonus, I also feature the Virtus Tyton long-sleeved performance shirt, which will also drop in 2017.

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