In this edition of Robo-Reviews, Robo features one of his friends in the milsim/firearms/medical community: Jesson Bateman, better known as @angry.canadian on Instagram.

A member of the National TacMed Competition champion team of 2016. I first featured Jesson at last year’s Faded Giant 4. This year – he takes us even deeper into his kit; what’s changed, what’s stayed the same, and gives insight into what, why, and how his choices are deployed and used in both milsim and his real world TacMed situations.

Note about back plate positioning: The sag is actually circumstantial and my fault. It was caused by not having real, fully loaded AR mags in the front, and then I had him reaching behind him a bunch during takes. It caused the weight of the back plate to pull down on the plate bag. And now you know, and knowing is half the battle; GI Joe.

Note from me: Terribly sorry I’ve been so behind on releases. I have had an incredibly busy Fall this year, with some awesome opportunities that have come my way. What this means for you: TONS of gameplay and reviews definitely coming – I SWEAR! lol. But more so – you’re going to have the opportunity to see more of these new opportunities, which I think you’ll find to be an awesome addition to this channel. Thank you all for sticking with me through my random periods of comms silence; as always – you know I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere.

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