New review is up from Robo-Airsoft, this time Robo reviews the  CTOMS РTQ Pouch, Slimline IFAK, Streamline Treatment Pouch.

Important note about medical devices: Individuals wishing to purchase these types of items should follow the medical device importation laws of their respective countries.

In this edition of Robo-Reviews, I go over a handful of the medical equipment carriage systems offered by CTOMS – Canada’s premier tactical medicine company.

The CTOMS Slimline IFAK, Streamline treatment pouch, and tourniquet pouch are some of the most well designed and constructed medical carriage devices on the planet. I go over in detail what these three pieces of kit are specifically used for, how they’re constructed, and what sets them apart from other similar-items on the market. Simply put – these items are made for the modern medical warrior, and it shows.

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