Airsoft Gameplay | Copperhead 3 Gameplay Part One

Robo Murray aka “Robo-Airsoft” is back with a new video from his trip to Copperhead 3, a MilSim event by American MilSim. What´s bette to start the week of here as with some serious airsoft action. Enjoy the video and have a good start into the week. ~Chris

In this installment of PPT – we jump into a brand new gameplay series with the first episode of my American Milsim’s Copperhead 3 footage. We start right off at the beginning of the event, with myself, Evike, and EG crews (as QRF) being dropped off in the middle of enemy held territory – only to be trapped in a house. Check it out. Hope you enjoy!

Please let Robo know what you think in the comments at the video straight at YouTube! He appreciate it.