It´s Pew Pew Time with Robo Airsoft and the part 1 and 2 of his Copperhead 2.5 Guardian Mission Gameplay Series.

In this installment of PPT – we once again step outside the realms of normal airsoft footage, to show you POV footage of the Guardian TacMed Simulation held at American Milsim’s Copperhead 2.5, put on by Milsim Mechanix. Please take the time to watch the video and then watch the AAR found in Part Two.

These missions are a chance for non-professional, yet TCCC/Tactical Casualty Care trained individuals to pick up training experience/repetitions through simulations, or to allow completely untrained individuals to pick up a few basic skills while also building a motivation to seek professional training on their own time, outside of the event.

DISCLAIMERS: The blood and injuries in this footage are completely simulated, and at no time was anyone actually hurt, nor put in actual danger. The simulation was carefully monitored and proctored by actual medical personnel, and while mistakes were bound to be made – teaching staff made a point of correcting participants before they were allowed to continue.

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