Robo Airsoft & ACE Blog Exclusive Release

In this video our friend Robo Murray from Robo Apparel takes a closer look on one of his personal builds, an highly customized G&P PTS M4 AEG with parts from PTS,Centurion Arms,Griffin Armament, G&G, and Madbull just to name a few.

On this week’s review, I tackle my current build for my AEG (you guys have been asking for this one for a while). In the review, I cover all the components that make up both the internal and external parts.

For those of you following this build – you’ll recognize the newly installed PTS Centurion Arms CMR 12 and Griffin Armament M4SDII Tactical Compensator and mock suppressor.

To follow up the overview – just so this video isn’t all talk, no pew pew – the review ends with some live-action test footage of me running this AEG set up. Smoke, targets, transitions, badassery…saweeet.


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