Coming soon – RGM-40 Castet from NPO AEG

We just saw these pictures released from the company and thought it´s worth sharing them with you. No release date is set yet so you have to be patient for a while. We´ll keep you posted about it here on our site.


RGM-40 Castet NPO AEG

Here´re some real steel facts for you till then:

The RGM-40 Kastet grenade launcher is a stand-alone version of the Russian GP-30 grenade launcher with a telescoping stock, AK-type pistol-grip and flip-up tangent sights. It is a single-shot muzzle loaded weapon with a self-cocking trigger mechanism and offers a high degree of commonality with the GP-30. It was designed primarily for police use and can use a wide range non-lethal ammunition but also uses standard 40mm VOG-25 and VOG-25P fragmentation grenades.

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