When enjoying the great outdoors, there are many things you can plan for. Your route, your sleeping area, weather, etc. Some troubles easier to predict than others. The hardest to predict, is the temperature. With constant weather changes (especially in this time of year) bring constant temperature changes. Even if by day you, have a pleasant 18 degrees Celsius, temperature can drastically change in a matter of hours and drop significantly. Especially when there is rain involved.

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This might take some years of experience or you can get yourself the necessary gear in the first place to shorten that period. When cold is involved, one must always choose between warmth and packability. If you can’t carry it without troubles, it does not help but impede you on your adventures. This is where a company from Germany shines. Introducing the Begadi Extreme series, Frontier One Mid-layer Anorak.

To keep your body temperature optimal, you need to layer up. In order to do this, you must choose the correct apparel that allows you to do this without being bulky. The BE-X anorak is perfect for this. It allows you wear it as an ordinary jacket or a part of your »onion« setup. With the layering in mind, its outer shell is made of smooth nylon and the inner part of breathable polyester.

This enables you to put it on over other textiles without any snagging and bulking up. While the outer shell is also smooth, it offers superior wind resistance and mild water repellency, which can be improved with some aftermarket impregnation chemicals. The outer shell material is rip-stop weave, to increase the overall strength and prevent snagging.

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Its main feature in being a mid-layer anorak, is it’s hollow fiber filling. This makes it warm enough when resting and breathable enough, to let you keep moving without overheating your body. The filling is lightweight and super packable. The whole package weighs in at just 650 grams. I say »whole package« because it comes with an included handy packing bag. It’s dry bag style closure allows you to compress the jacket in to a 20 x 15 x 15 size package. For the level of cold protection it offers, this is a micro package.

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The collar is lined with micro fleece, to provide extra comfort when fully zipped. Its heavy duty HRO zipper extends from the top of the collar to 1/3 of the jacket, thus minimizing body heat loss. Zipper pulls are extended with some webbing, to allow usage with gloves and improve dexterity. The collar extends to the mouth but can be easily rolled down when wearing something hooded.

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There is also an upper chest zippered pocket on the left side. This extends all the way to your armpit. It’s size enables the user to store an tools and/or weapons one might have with them in the wild.

When closed, this zipper is completely covered with outer shell material to even further protect from wind. There is also a high quality Velcro strip sewn to this pocket for identification patches.

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The length of the jacket is just right. In front it covers your waist and on the back it extends slightly. This is a great design as it completely covers your back, even when hunched over or kneeling. With the addition of the elastic draw string, it completes the temperature shield. The draw string comes equipped with a stopper, so the adjustment can be done quickly with one hand.

This lets me expose another great feature. The draw string is only located on the left. With this design, the jacket makes holstered belt carry of pistols even safer. There have been countless reports of draw strings getting caught and stuck between the holster and the firearm. A great solution. Sorry lefties. But there is a catch we can all benefit from. Since the draw string is just on one side, this makes putting on the anorak in the dark very reliably fast. Just feel the string with your left hand and pull the jacket over. You can be sure, it’s turned the right way.

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The sleeves are long enough, to reach over a wrist watch and not run into your other sleeves or up your arm. When standing still, this is not a big deal. But when working, this becomes essential. It’s fitted with elastic to secure and again, prevent wind blow through.

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It was very windy for the past couple of days so it was perfect for the tests. We layered with a long sleeve undershirt and a level V soft-shell, it proved to be extremely good in keeping optimal body temperature. It was a bit much after longer climbs and had to be removed. But just stuff it in its bag and you’re good to go.

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When stopped, it can be quickly put back on. The included bag, can be mounted on a backpack to allow quick and easy access, when needed. On its own, it repels water in mild rain. But even if it gets wet, its structure allows it to be dried quickly. Just keep it away from open flame. We even took it on a bike ride and it was perfect against wind and minor splashes. No cold air went in through the sleeves.



In conclusion, this is an excellent all-round piece of clothing everyone should have in their pack or in their car at all times. With recent climate changes, one can never be certain of what nature might provide. But one can be certain, that items like these will improve the chance of survivability and comfort any day of the year. Small pack size, very comfortable and affordable, this anorak is a great choice.

This product is available at any respectable outdoor shop or at www.begadishop.com



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