In this review Eli from Project Gecko is about to describe his experience with the Smith Optics – Boogie Regulator Goggle we gave him for testing and some interesting information regarding. Enjoy the review.



It was dark, and the team was getting ready to start the next assault maneuver within mountain environment.

The mission was to proceed under darkness and to use two elements (assault & suppression) and to take control on a ridge line with a knife like slopes. The enemy (cardboard targets) had 5 target lines. Each line had different difficulties and angles. We were walking already for around 12 hours with nearly 50% body weight backpacks and a serious lack of sleep. This parameters together with darkness is the perfect recipe for accidents, but that part of the work & the risk you willing to take.

While the first team finished their after action report and about to proceed, our team leader expressed his concern regarding the team performance and the high odds for an accident. The responsible officer answered sharply and actually in a pretty awakening way – ”all SOPs (Standard Operational Procedures) are written by the dye of blood.”

The type of movement we conducted was pretty simple yet dangerous given the sharp topographic layout,and the drill characteristics .The suppression crew in the team (4-5 men) provided a very accurate and efficient fire from a nearby key position, allowing us to continue up hill. They were basically our eyes when it came down to obstacles or dead elevations, where we couldn’t see shit. During the 3rd or 4th line, I don’t really remember which one it was, one of my team mates started to sort of freak out.– It took me a second to really process that situation, but it was the next transition over the radio that woke me up, and I think everyone in the radius of 200km up.

Long story short, while we stormed up hill, the suppression crew leader lost track on our progression in his NVG. Despite the fact that he knew he was engaging 80 to 100 meters away from the assault element, it took him few minutes to cease fire and to inform the assault element (us) that he lost visual, as this situations are a classic blue on blue fatal. Apparently, one of the guys got injured from a few ricochets bouncing off a nearby stone or what so ever. He got a small lucky but sexy cut under his eye, and a pretty bad cut on his hand, which was on the fore grip. The conclusion by the responsible officer was, that we needed more coffee.

The area was arid and rocky. Rocks tend to create ricochets once they meet projectiles, and ricochets (aka splitter) tend to be pain in the ass, really.

Before talking on the functionality & operational use of the Boogie Regulator Goggles, lets talk numbers.

According to the medical & technology branch of the IDF, 10% of the modern combat injuries are eye related, while 20-25% are a result of…friendly fire. This is also where it gets interesting.

During the last century there was an increasing number of eye injuries. It´s believed that the reason for that is the advance yet powerful weaponry in use by different western military, mostly in arid environments (tough ricochets are not made only of stones) Statistically today 50% – 80% of eye injuries are caused of ricochets. Small, tiny meany particles which travels in high velocity. Normally eye  injuries require an immediate evacuation, and would turn the injured person into combat ineffective status. Nevertheless, it is good to mention that splitters \ ricochets will turn into a potential infection problems when not properly treated in field conditions.

Conclusion – A serious eye injury normally requires an immediate evacuation. With that being said, the US Military began to understand the value of eye pro equipment,and how much injuries and money it could potentially save.

Smith Optics Boogie Regulator


The Product

The Boogie Regulator Goggle is one of the recent products I´ve seen from Smith Optics. With its lenses meet US MIL-DTL-43511D goggle impact level (military standards) the goggles offer a perfect balance between efficiency & technology. Beside that they offer a high comfort.

Before il talk over the positive & negative , lets go through some common problems with eye pro gear.

One of the common problems with the first Eye pro gear was actually the fact it causes a significant reduction in the peripheral field. The protection capability and technology had been there already, but not the design. Many goggle systems did show significant reductions in the peripheral field (P < 0.0001). The use of prescription correction with combat eye protection increased the number of missed points in the periphery by an average of 12.2% compared with ballistic devices alone (P < 0.0001) according to the U.S Navy, VA Medical Center.  How ever, The Boogie Regulator Goggle offers a pretty wide lenses with a better peripheral field.

The second problem is fog. Yes we all had it, especially indoor or with a mask. With this product, you might be able to solve or just reduce the chances to experience that annoying fog. Thanks to the ventilating ‘System’ in this product, the end user is able to control air flow.

The third problem is the lenses angle of protection. In other military environments & activities such as fast roping, sky diving or blowing shit up – the lenses angle of protection plays a major role.

The  Boogie Regulator Goggle offers a complete protection. No open spaces for penetration should the worse happen.

Boogie Regulator

Comfort Ability

You know that pressure you feel on your eye sockets when you put your swimming goggles? So you can relax. Surprisingly, though I had doubts, the  Boogie Regulator Goggle fits perfectly, and most important comfortable. The frame is padded with a very soft material which allows the user to use for quite some time the goggles without any uncomfortable feeling. Though keep in mind that it is important to properly adjust the goggles to avoid any unnecessary pressure.

Smith Optics Boogie Regulator


The Ventilation

The Boogie Regulator has the ability to either allow or completely block air flow. This is in particular awesome for dealing with the fog effect, which I will save you an explanation and just categorize it as a pain in the ass.  So if you want to either allow or block airflow, all you need to do is to simply slide a small button.

Smith Optics Boogie Regulator



As can be seen in the picture – my pair has the standard strap offered by Smith Optics. It is strong, durable and also comfortable. It is easily adjustable and pretty flexible. I brutally expanded and bended it in different angles and it didn’t show off any weaknesses. Do you know there is also another type of straps available, known as the “Bungee Velcro Strap Kit”. I got my hands on this kit now and the test period is the upcoming weekend at our CQB Focused Entry Course. So more on this soon.

Smith Optics Boogie Regulator


Product Performance

1.Positive Points

-Frame & Design – gives a maximum protection and a flexible frame.

-Visibility – High visibility compared to similar goggle systems on the market, with a perfect & tight fit to the eyes. The design gives you a pretty good visual of the surroundings.

– Comfortable 1# The foam one the frame is comfortable compared to other goggles I had tried before. It is true however, that after some time the foam might wear off or will be damaged.

-Comfortable 2# Key body parts, which normally tend to have problems with eye wear are the nose and eyes. With the Boogie Regulator the experience is different. It´s simply comfortable! Do note: it is a personal opinion, and it may vary depends on wearer \ adjusting the goggles.

– Weight –  Extremely light weight, and also small in it´s dimensions. The Boogie Regulator stands in the realm between ballistic glasses to full protection goggles. Easy to store, easy to carry.

– Lenses – The lenses are crystal clear, and with the perfect build Smith Optics are known for. Also this goggles, as written above, stands the US Military US MIL-DTL-43511D goggle impact level.

– Price – For such a high quality the price is highly reasonable.


Product Performance

2.Negative points


Yes fog. Despite the ‘anti fog’ coated lenses, those goggles will still receive fog once you stand still after a physical effort like running for example. Once you allow air to circle & keep on the move the lenses are getting clear, but it gets fogy again soon as you back being static.

But hold on a second!- Fog is something normal. It happen to any goggles out there. There are several tips and ideas how to prevent fogging, but fogging is something that happens to any lens, unless were talking on something too special.

Sniper \ static use

Don´t use it if your in a static stance, or a similar rule to an Observer \ Sniper. Given the fact you will normally be masked and concealed – your breath will easily fog the Boogie Regulator, even with it´s ‘shafts’ open. In case of FOG is built up, you simply need to move.


Since those goggles sit perfectly tight, they tend to build up moisture in dry \ closed environments.

With this being said, from my experience an extended build up of moisture will decrease the life span of the foam, as it will be repeating wet. But from the other side as mentioned above, the foam is at high quality. However in a cold environment or at the open – you most likely are really going to enjoy them.



Get them! For such a price it´s a great deal. The goggle is available from ARMAMAT over here: as well many other great products from Smith Optics Elite Devision.


Coming up next

In the next review we will focus on the “Bungee Velcro Straip Kit” and a more operation kind of review, during the upcoming CQB Focused Entry Course by Project Gecko. Stay tuned…

[ACE] We want to say thank you to our reviewer Eli aka CEO of Project Gecko for the product test.