Their have been many independent studies into what is best for improving the range and accuracy of an airsoft gun. Whether it be a longer inner barrel, or a tighter bore. There are many methods and many variables. One of these methods has questioned what most airsofters have believed to be best. Having a tighter bore inner barrel should increase accuracy and improve range. ORGA believe it to work more effectively with wider bore inner barrels.


Before confronting this idea head on, let’s see what ORGA has to say about the magnus barrels and why they are more efficient than a tight bore barrel.

Wider is better
The ORGA Magnus WideBore barrels keeps are 6.10mm to 6.23mm inner diameter while adding new design features. The most significant design change allows you to easily install the same hop system that we use in our ORGA Custom Shop. This further enhances the barrels potential for AEG systems. The hop window has also been custom designed to allow for a more stable hop.
Today we will look at why we decided to go wide bore design.

# Maximize AEG performance!
After extensive testing we settled on a 6.10mm to 6.23mm diameter, and are pleased to report that after installing the WideBore barrel along with our complete line of upgrade parts, many players in Japan reported they had found “the one.”

# Standard and Precision 
As shown below, a standard diameter barrel will introduce some friction and path variation due to slight contact along the length of the barrel. This can have a significant impact on BB trajectory and accuracy. Longer barrels and increased hop are often used to try and reverse these effects.

As for Precision, The velocity of the BB in an equal length precision barrel tends to increase, but there is also a dramatic rise in barrel friction on the BB. Hop-up spin can be decreased by this friction, which will affect distance.

# Wide Bore of Magnus
The ORGA Magnus WideBore barrel increases accuracy and trajectory by reducing barrel friction and inner barrel bouncing. The width of the barrel ensures that hop-up spin is constant and consistent when it exits the barrel. This allows for precise, long range shooting, with 55-65 meter accuracy at under 1J.



I know this question is a bit vague considering this barrel is meant to cater for many outputs: accuracy, range, and consistency. First of all, I decided to test the 6.23 mm wide bore barrel as to truely test this theory to its extreme. ORGA provide separate barrels for AEGs and GBBs, but the difference in these barrels are merely defined by the cuts at the end of the barrels. Hence, I will be testing both versions as to test what effects the barrel may have on both AEGs and GBBs.

To ensure the testing would be done with as little bias as possible. The same barrel length and hop bucking would be used in each test using the same propulsion system, bb brand and bb weight (0.3 grams).

GHK G5 (GBB Green Gas 320~ fps)

The standard GHK G5 6.05mm barrel is quite short but it has always been a great performer without any upgrades. Reaching a good range of 50 metres with a consistent grouping of two feet across. Adding the ORGA barrel of the same length as the standard barrel did not seem to make much of a difference. If I were to fine comb the output, I would say that the consistency of the shot improved. This is most probably because the cushioning air was more responsible for the bb’s travel than that of the inner barrel itself. Bare in mind that both barrels were very clean and tested in clear outdoor conditions. Take note that the use of the wide bore barrel on the GHK G5, brought the fps down to 300 fps.

ASG SCORPION EVO A3 (AEG 11.1V LiPo 320~ fps)

The 6.03 barrel length of the ASG Scorpion is relatively similar in length to that of the GHK G5 and hence was chosen as the AEG counterpart to the GHK G5. I was expecting the same results as their were only a few differences in the variables related to both airsoft guns. The standard ASG Scorpion already performs very well, in fact it has had tighter groupings than the GHK G5 from earlier review testing.  I had to increase the 50 metre range to 75 which was the outer limit of our testing parameters. The furthest the gun could reach before either getting carried away by the wind or losing spin was at 65 metres. Having tested it with the ORGA barrel, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the groupings had tightened and that the range had increased slightly more. We were able to hit the 75 metre mark (without tilting the AEG upwards) but were unable to hit a human target with much consistency. This was most probably a limitation of the barrel’s length and the fps output than the barrel itself. Take note that the use of the wide bore barrel on the ASG Scorpion, brought the fps down to 290 fps.


ORGA barrels are not a gimmick however they do have fairly small performance improvements over standard equivalent barrels. One thing worth mentioning is that the tight bore equivalent of the barrels were also tested as a preliminary which actually shortened the range of both GHK and ASG guns. This however did decrease the grouping size when firing at small one foot targets. I would not recommend getting a wide bore ORGA barrel unless you have already upgraded the hop bucking and are happy with the FPS output of your airsoft gun. When all else has been done, I would then decide to look into getting an ORGA barrel to increase range without losing consistency with groupings. You should also take in the fact that the fps will decrease with a wide bore barrel. This will either help with reducing fps when needed or allow for the fps to be increased to try and gain a little bit more of a performance boost.