Review // LCT SR-3M ‚Vikhr‘ AEG

The SR-3M is LCT’s newest addition to it huge palette of Russian weapon replicas.

The SR-3M is based on the AS Val and doesn’t look much different – except for the handguard and shorter barrel.


Some technical details and a bit of history of the real SR-3M:
As said before, the SR-3M is based on the deisgn of the AS Val and uses the same caliber: 9x39mm. The SR-3M, nicknamed “Whirlwind”, is based on the SR-3 and was designed to fit the needs of the Russian elite unit FSB. It features a detachable silencer, a side-folding stock and a foldable fore grip that helps balancing the SR-3M when it has the silencer on.


// Build Quality & Externals

If you know the AS Val, you’ll know the SR-3M. The receiver, stock, pistol grip and magazine are no different. Only the outer barrel, handguard, flashhider and front grip are the main differences.


As usual, the build quality is excellent and parts are made of steel and high quality polymer. The ‘Vikhr’ feels solid and heavy, heavily solid so to speak. It feels as one could smash in a door with this rifle.

There’s nothing wobbling, not the magazine, not the foregrip, not the sstock, nothing. I like that, I really do. There’s nothing more satisfying than a gun that feels just so real.


The magazine sits tight and you should practice to get the mag in before playing because the mag needs to be seated properly. It’s not as an AK mag. The slot for the magazine’s lip sits a bit lower than you would expect when pushing the mag in so you will be likely to push the mag in too far at the beginning.

At the beginning I had a hard time getting the mag in properly and when being in a stressful situation, I failed most of the time.

Muscle memory is the key to a successful reload in the field.


To remove the handguard you have to push a small button located on the front end of the plastic handguard. After pushing the button you can slide the handguard forward and tilt the rear end upwards.

The battery space is very tight and you need a really small LiPo batter to run the SR-3M.

LCT is offering its very own LiPo batteries and WGC Shop offers a battery pack by BOL, that fits.

If you already have small LiPo batteries, be sure that they are smaller than 15x25x75mm.


If you want to pimp/upgrade your SR-3M, you can get yourself a matching suppressor by LCT. The silencer screams “there’s something I need to compensate” – pure penis enlargement so to speak.

From a technical point of view: you’ll be able to run a way longer inner barrel for better range and precision. Don’t forget the use a matching cylinder when upgrading your barrel length.


// Handling & Ergonomics

Russian weapons mostly do have a very unique design and I often ask myself if Russian engineers know the word “ergonomic”. The SR-3M is somewhat awkward in terms of ergonomics.


When shouldering the Vikhr for the first time, you’ll immediately notice the somewhat long stock. To be honest, I’m not the tallest and I certainly don’t have the longest arms, but the stock definitely feels a tiny bit too long.


When using the fore grip, it feels like you are “pushing” the gun away from you rather than pushing it against your shoulders. The grip helps balancing the gun when you have the long silencer mounted. The silencer certainly adds a few grams to the front end and the grip will be for sure a nice-to-have item.

You can always fold the grip in – but that doesn’t make holding the gun much more comfortable.

The handguard is cut open on the bottom so that the grip can fold in. The edges are a bit sharp and without gloves, your palms might hurt a bit.


Although the AS Val utilizes the same stock, it feels much more ergonomic. The AS Val’s handguard is located a few centimeters further back, which brings your arm in a bit.


The angle of the pistol grip is the same as on the real SR-3M and LCT has made a new motor cage to achieve that angle.


// Technical Details & Performance

With its 3.1kg, the small and compact SR-3M feels quite heavy. With approx. 372FPS, our test model performed quite well with only a M100 spring and its short barrel. This is a sign for a quite air-seal gearbox.


The motor and the gear set are not the fastest ever and with a 7.4V LiPo battery, the ROF is quite low. You should really use a 11.1V LiPo, as long as you don’t want to upgrade the gearbox parts. The trigger response is laggy and you won’t be able to trigger that fast in semi mode.


Inside the gearbox you can find all quality parts: 9mm ball-bearings, a metal spring guide with bearing, a M100 spring, a metal cylinder, cylinder head and piston head, a polycarbonate piston with steel teeth, an air-seal nozzle and a steel gear set.


// Bottom Line

For many Com-Block fans and reenactors, the SR-3M is a long awaited model as it is something special and has never been out on the market before.

The ergonomics are a bit unusual and may not be suitable for every player out there. The tight battery space makes it hard to find matching LiPos and will certainly add another point on the shopping list for many.

I don’t want to say that the SR-3M will be a bad seller, no. I just think that there won’t be a whole lot of people buying this certain model. If you already own a VSS or AS Val, the SR-3M might be a good CQB option for you, as you can use all your existing mags. Nevertheless, reenactors will be pleased to finally get their hands on this model as it is one model that matches a lot of current Russian spec-ops outfits.

LCT is lately producing more and more Russian replicas and there’s already another SR-3 model in the making. With the upcoming PP19-01, the Russian 9mm palette of weapons is as almost full.

Sniper Airsoft Supply LogoWe’d like to thank our friends from Sniper Airsoft Supply and LCT for sending uns this test model. The SR-3M will be available for german buyers soon at

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