For the past couple of weeks i’ve been testing the INVADER GEAR PREDATOR PANTS in MultiCam. Usually i don’t give much attention to the clothing i take to Airsoft Events, as long as they don’t tear a part mid-game i’m ok with them, but to be honest after testing the Predator Com- bat Pants i might just have to start paying more attention to that part of my kit.


I was definitely surprised not only for the level of comfort this pants provided but also the many features included in them. I will go in more detail over the features of the INVADER GEAR PREDATOR PANTS as they are a big part on what makes this particular pair of pants a solid option when in need of good quality tactical pants.


the Invader Gear Predator Combat Pants are made out of Ripstop fabric made ​​from 65 % cotton and 35 % polyester this sturdy mixture prevents further tearing of the material if damaged during action this combined with several portions of the pants being reinforced with double stitching makes the PREDATOR PANTS seem like a durable and resistant pair of pants.


Starting on the top portion of this pants, the waistband is padded and slightly raised on the back in order to provide more comfort when wearing the pants for extended periods of time, i notice that this really makes a diference after being in full kit for several hours and constantly moving around.


Also in the back immediately after the belt line is a band of elastic breathable fabric that helps with dissipating the heat from your body and at the same time helps when transitioning from shooting positions.

Going from kneeling to prone, this same elastic fabric is found surrounding the knees on both legs once again helping when transitioning shooting positins.


Another feature that i really found useful in theese pants where the included knee pads that while beeing flexible still offer a decent amount of protection to your knees, the last time i used this pants was on a CQB environment with lots of debris on the ground and i had no problems when kneeling to shoot, also the knee pads are removable and can be ajusted with a fabric tab secured by velcro in the back part of the legs.


This same type of adjustment can be found on the ankles in order to better secure the pants to your legs and prevent them from sliding around.


As for pockets….well there is no shortage of them on this pants, with a total of ten pockets spread around the pants you have more storage that you will ever need on a pair of tactical pants, starting from the top you have two deep hand pockets large enough you can put your hands there with gloves on if needed, two small mid-thigh pockets in the front, two large mid-thigh cargo size pockets in the back and two small side pockets next to your ankles.


Personal Opinion

Although the Predator Combat Pants from Invader Gear are a little bit heavier than most of the tactical pants on the market right now, weighting around the 0.900g more or less they are extremly comfortable to wear for long periods of time, but i would recommended you use them combined with a heavy duty belt to keep them in place or they will start to pull you down, this pants are very sturdy but at same time they don’t restrain your movements allowing you to operate without any major issues. In my personal opinion they are a solid option if you are in the market for some good quality tactical pants as they are good value for the money and will probably last you for a good ti- me even with regular hard use.


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