Introducing | The New Reebok Strikepoint boot, which fuses athletic and tactical performance into a new breed of military boot.

St. Louis, MO – Warson Brands, official licensee of Reebok military footwear, introduces the new Reebok Strikepoint line of 8-inch and 6-inch boots.

The Reebok Strikepoint fuses athletic and tactical performance into a new breed of military boot. The Reebok Strikepoint eight inch boot (RB8840) and six inch boot (RB8640) both feature an extensive list of top-of-the-line technologies engineered by Reebok. The eight inch Reebok Strikepoint boot in coyote brown is AR670-1 compliant for wear with the new U.S. Army OCP uniform.


The Reebok Strikepoint has exclusive U-FORM custom fit technology, which is a heat activated mid-foot wrap that molds to your foot for a custom fit with no break-in period. U-FORM is activated by “baking” the boots in a standard oven, then wearing the boots seated while the U-FORM material molds to your foot.

To reduce internal friction and heat build-up, the Reebok Strikepoint features an ETC 360° Anti-Friction Technology lining that reduces blister causing hot-spots and keeps feet cool and comfortable. The lining is embedded with silver nanoparticles that fight fungus and odors.


The Reebok Strikepoint features Reebok’s R52 rebound foam lightweight cushioned midsole and a FootFuel Footbed to bring the best comfort system to elite athletes who are on their feet all day in the most extreme situations. The R52 midsole is an ultra-responsive high rebound foam to help propel the wearer forward. The RopePro rope guard on the medial side of the rubber outsole aids in rope climbs during training and protects the boot during fast-rope descents during aerial deployments.

“We wanted to develop a truly cross-functional boot, born out of fitness training and engineered for the front lines,” says John Duvic, Corporate VP Warson Brands. “The Reebok Strikepoint brings an impressive level of performance, athletic and comfort technologies to military professionals.”



Reebok military and tactical footwear is available through select duty uniform retailers throughout the United States. For more information on the Reebok Strikepoint and complete instructions on U-FORM, visit