At RedWolfs FB site we´ve found some pictures from a new Russian assault rifle the “Abtomat AK12” . It looks like the russians stop buying AK74 for their army! Read a article about it on CNN here.


-Ambidextrous forward charging handle.
-Smaller ejection port.
-New safety switch.
-New fire control switch with three modes of fire (single shot, 3 round burst and full auto).
-New hinged top cover. The cover is a lot more rigid that the previous AK rifles.
-Quad picatinny rails.
-Folding and length adjustable stock.
-Ergonomic pistol grip (with a decent radius between trigger guard and grip).
-New muzzle brake that attaches to standard NATO 22mm threading.
-Improved barrel rifling.

The most interesting thing on the last picture (although it is not an AK-12) is that the russians use US products like EOTech, MAGPUL or SureFire on the rifle. We´re looking forward to see this rifle as a airsoft version as well, like most of “you” russian style airsoft players out there also…