Redwolf Airsoft – Threaded Outer Barrel – Convert Your 1911 To An Operator Class Pistol.

We know that a lot of airsofters prefer to run 1911 as their side arm while they play airsoft. However, airsofters that use Cybergun/ Elite Force/ KWC 1911 could never find a solution to install a mock suppressor or tracer on their pistols. Until now! The RWA Threaded Outer Barrel will fit all the RWA/ KWC/ Cybergun/ Elite Force Co2 1911 series, and it is the same spec as the RWA Nighthawk Custom Covert Ops. The threaded barrel has a 14mm Counter-Clockwise threading, so it will fit the majority of airsoft suppressors in the market. This airsoft outer barrel will be a great addition to any airsofters who enjoy threaded barrel instead of standard flush barrels.

RWA Threaded Barrel 1911

The RWA Threaded Outer Barrel is not just your ordinary outer barrel, it’s something rather beautiful. Its made out of high quality die-cast aluminum which gives it that texture and extra durability. Something that will catch your attention is the 14mm CCW threaded outer barrel, which gives your 1911 a wow factor. Not just only making your pistol look pretty you can also attach a suppressor on it for a tactical advantage.

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