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Welcome to Shot Show 2016 where Tim from Redwolf Airsoft is happy to take you through all booths he had time for. This includes PTS, ASG, G&G, KWA & Z Shot.

The PTS features their new Masada ERG as well as the Mega Arms 308 GBBR. ASG Bob wanted to show off the CZ 805 Bren AEG and the SP-01 Shadow. Charlie from G&G showcased their Honey Badger line as well as the RK74 AEG. KWA Jim was hugely excited about the AKR-74M and their MP40 GBB which is so close to hitting the market. Last but not least, Wallace from Z Shot was happy to announce that the Odin Innovation Sidewinder Speed Loader is finally here and that he managed to get the license to all future Silencer Co suppressors, starting off with the Osprey suppressor. We hope you enjoy everything they have to offer!




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