The RWC Umarex SMR 416 Tactical AEG is available from Redwolf Airsoft.

The RWC series (Redwolf Custom) have been quiet for a while, but now RW have decided to make a comeback with some fully upgraded guns, both internally and externally, which will save you the trouble and give you performance of top notch upgraded AEGs.

RWC Umarex SMR 416 Tactical 2

The RWC Umarex SMR 416 with the above upgrades enhances the external appearances, tactical applications , stability in power, endurance of the gearbox and trigger response with the famous ASCU Gen4 Mosfet.

RWC Umarex SMR 416 Tactical 6

Every pull of the trigger you know you will have a consistent power output of 400 fps and no trigger slack like traditional AEGs. Also being based on the Umarex Asia Edition HK416 itself, you could expect it to have the licensed authentic markings and marked in cal 5.56mm instead of the cal.6mm in other versions.

RWC Umarex SMR 416 Tactical 2

The RWC Umarex SMR 416 is a fully modified top of the line AEG with the following upgrades:

  • Prometheus 6.03 precision barrel
  • RWA Precision hop up bucking
  • Level 3 upgrade with fully upgraded Prometheus spring, reinforced gears , piston and bearings
  • ASCU Gen 4 Mosfet
    Externally the following upgrades have been made:
  • Asura Dynamics G SMR 10.5 inch Rail – Tan
  • Magpul PTS AAC Mini 4 Silencer (CCW) – Black

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