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Introducing | The Essentials Only Carrier (EOC)

To build a light weight low profile plate carrier capable of accepting level IV body armor with a full PALS grid. The EOC was built with three individuals in mind: Law Enforcement for either undercover (concealed) use or to keep in the cruiser for active shooter type situations where level IV armor is needed. Military Special Operations where weight savings here can allow for other essentials (water and bullets). The Civilian who understands he or she is ultimately responsible for their own safety and wants every advantage they can get.

Mission Spec Essentials Only Carrier

The same webbing that holds the plate bag to the user’s shoulder straps travels the entire length of the carrier and loops under the armor plate. This keeps the armor in the full upright position, and allows for all the weight of the armor to bypass the CORDURA layer and be loaded directly on the shoulder straps.

Mission Spec Essentials Only Carrier

Key points on the full front and rear PALS grid also anchor to this internal webbing for increased load bearing capability.

Available colors: Coyote Brown, Multicam, Mutlicam Tropic, Desert Digital and Kryptec Typon.

For the full product details, please visit RWAs website >>> MissionSpec Essentials Only Carrier