Tired of standard M4 magazines? How about getting a Hexmag? Currently available for PTWs at Redwolf. Get yours now!



The hugely popular Hexmag magazines from US finally made it to the PTW platform! The new Hexmags for PTW has every feature of the original AEG one, which includes the color coded bottom indicators for indexing your magazines and the colorful follower to let you know when your magazine is empty.

The magazine is not just lightweight, it is also one of the largest capacity magazines for the PTW platform, which kind of limits how skirmishable your PTW would be, until now, the Hexmag have 120 rounds, which is 4 times the capacity of your typically PTW magazines, but even lighter!


Constructed in polymer also means it is less likely to affect the internal mechanisms when you free drop it during your magazine changes.


Grab yours here >>> www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/hexmag/ptw


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