Tim and Marck from Redwolf Airsoft check out the new  I.C.U. 2.0 Tacticam from Plan Beta.

The Original I.C.U camcorder didn’t have the best visual quality but the new 2.0 version is far better. What better way to show it off than an epic montage featuring many variants of Airsoft guns ranging from pistols to sniper rifles?

ICU 2.0 is instantly clippable on most Picatinny rails (pistol & rifle). ICU 2.0 only weighs 29 grs, so it doesn’t affect the gun’s balance. Its compact size and shape allow holster compatibility. ICU 2.0 is super easy to control, thanks to its remote switch. ICU 2.0’s impact-proof casing keeps the camera’s lens safe. ICU 2.0 offers about an hour of video recording power (with sound). Recharging is super easy thanks to its micro-USB port (wire included). 2 LEDs inform you in real-time of the camera’s status. ICU2.0 is compatible with all micro-SD cards (up to 32Gb) and can also be used a SD card reader.

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