The NPOAEG 9A-91 Full Steel AEG is now available at Redwolf Airsoft.

NPOAEG is a Russian-based company that has been making the closest replicas to the real ones since Sept 2011 for half a decade. All guns are made in Russia, where the original firearms were designed.

NPOAEG 9A-91 Full Steel AEG

In terms of material the whole gun is made with CNC steel furniture are made with premium polymer / real wood. Welding and rivets are all actual welds and rivets, not just decorations. Finishing on the guns might be a bit raw, but that is how it is supposed to be when it comes to Russian weapons, raw, slightly awkward yet reliable in every condition, you know you can count on it in every condition.

NPOAEG 9A-91 Full Steel AEG 7

Fully constructed in steel with polymer handguard and grip, it was crafted in the closest ratio to the real one. Powered by a standard V3 gearbox you know it would be reliable and would fit a variety of standard version 3 gearbox aftermarket parts.

NPOAEG 9A-91 Full Steel AEG 2

The gun itself features a steel mock silencer which covers the extended 6.02mm precision inner barrel and the upward folding stock that keeps the size compact whilst providing basic support for making accurate shots, it might be small but it definitely packs a punch with 400 fps right out of the box. On the side of the gun is the standard soviet optics rail which will accept AK spec optics.

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