Marck from Redwolf Airsoft checks out the LCT Airsoft PP01-01 / Vityaz-SN.

Is the LCT PP19-01 an MP5 Beater? In this episode of Redwolf TV Marck takes a look at the LCT Airsoft PP01-01 or the Vityaz-SN. Can this new comer from Russia challenge the venerable H&K MP5?

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When it comes to replicating AKs into the Airsoft form, LCT are one of the best in the business. And now they bring us the ‘Russian MP5’ – the PP-19-01 Vityaz, which is currently in use by Russian special forces such as FSB and other Spetznaz branches. The original gun was made by Izhmash based on the rather unsuccessful PP-19 Bizon, which apparently the helical magazine Bizon uses was very unreliable, standard box magazine seems to be their fix for this issue.

This PP-19-01 is an example of the good old days when guns are made with steel and lightweight aluminium and bears the very distinctive look of the PP-19-01 with a foldable triangle stock. At the top cover it includes a Picatinny Rail to mount optics of your choice.

The magazine it uses is a proprietary 50 round magazine (100 round and 200 round magazines also available separately) , in the box 2 x 50 round magazines are included, including a magazine coupler as well. The externals are made from steel that replicates the real guns really closely and is powered by a standard V3 gearbox. We suggest using 0.25s or heavier on this magnificent piece to compensate with the shorter inner barrel.

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