Tim from Redwolf Airsoft goes over the new LCT G3A3 AEG and it’s features.

LCT Airsoft have released one of the most realistic G3s to date. Much like the real steel version, the handguard, grip and stock are made out of nylon fiber while the rest of the metallic body is made out of steel. This is the main reason as to why it weighs 4.4 kilograms.

LCT went much further than using the right material for the built as the specs are very much the same as the real steel version, meaning you can apply the scope mount on top and add a bayonet to the tip of your rifle. There is plenty of storage room inside the stock for a larger battery with small tamiya connectors.

The LCT G3A3 comes with the simple looking 140 round mid cap magazine but you can purchase the striped magazine separately.