Marck from Redwolf Airsoft takes a look at the LBX Armatus II plate carrier. Does this second generation plate carrier make LBX’s carriers great again?

In the LBX Armatus 2.0 , yes it is an upgrade from the 1.0 that took opinions of the market and made it even better by beefing it up with new features. The moment you pick the new LBX Armatus 2.0 up, you will notice a few differences that are quite significant to the users, which would include the thickened shoulder pads for extra comfort and molle mesh rib cage cummerbund for extra breathability, these two combined keeps the carrier from being a burden for prolonged usage.

The two armor pockets are basically the same design from the 1.0, but now the back panel is also equipped with the MAP system and is able to interchange between the LBX-4040A Molle Pack Panel (default with the plate carrier), or the LBX-4040B Banger Pack Panel (Sold separately) and the LBX-4040C Bungee Pack Panel (also sold separately), this change improves from the 1.0 by being able to change your back panel to what would fit your purposes, no matter it is to mount pouches/ packs with the molle or the bungee pack for easy storage space/ helmet or the banger pack for grenades, one could even completely remove it for a slicker profile.

Back to the front panel, it is basically identical to the 1.0, but the new cummerbund is Molle equipped on both sides (Yes! Both sides!), so no matter you want your pouches to be over the cummerbund or staying inside the cummerbund, both could be done easily. If one wanted to stay low profile the whole time and no screaming ‘I have magazines on me!’ under your jacket for covert use, the Armatus 2.0 has it all covered. The MAP panel in the front has not changed and still enables you to use the previously introduced MAP panels. The last thing we would like to point out is that LBX had changed the material for the velcro closure on the shoulder adjustment straps had been changed to a rubberized material for enhanced durability and reduces slip in stressed and wet environment.

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