The Ghost in the Shell Arise assault rifle ‘Schrodinger’ made by Laylax is now available at Redwolf Airsoft.

The ‘Ghost in the Shell Arise’ assault rifle ‘Schrodinger’ that Major. Kusanagi Motoko used in the movie is replicated to life size. If you are a fan of Ghost in the Shell then you will love what it has got to offer. It is a high quality replica with working and functional fire 3-position selector (Safe, Semi, Auto). Laylax, the company that produced this beautiful replica is known for making high quality upgrade parts for Tokyo Marui internals.

The gun itself is made from aluminium alloy / resin which gives it a light but irgid feel to it, weighing in at only 3.7kg. At the top you will find a dummy scope which can be detached and replaced with a picatinny rail which comes included. This gives the user freedom to add a working dot sight or other accessories.

To remove the scope you will need to refer to the photo diagram/ manual included in the package and take off the dummy sight hood and dummy scope, then apply the picatinny with the 2 screws included. Make sure you have a set of allon keys since it uses various size screws!

The flash hider itself can be removed which reveals a 14mm CCW threaded outer barrel. This gives you freedom to change the flash hider or add a suppressor with tracer unit to increase your ‘tactical advantage’. Though the magazine it comes with is only a dummy, it supports various Tokyo Marui M16 / M4 system standard type magazines.

It is using the Tokyo Marui MP7A1 AEP gearbox which means it will be fairly accurate straight out of the box. The hop up is adjustable which can be accessed from removing the six top screws at the rear pannel of the gun. All the internals can be replaced if you want an upgrade such as the hop up unit, gearbox or inner barrel. It runs on 7.2v batteries with small Tamiya plug (battery not included).