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RWTV | KSC VZ-61 Skorpion – a System 7 Stunner

There are only so many replicas that are often used in pairs. Akimbo, as they call it, is the art of dual wielding two machine pistols, holding the trigger down as you mow your opponents in full auto.


KSC VZ-61 Skorpion


It doesn’t really matter if you’re hitting your target. It’s all about the feeling it gives you, the power in your hands, the fact that everyone in your line of sight is at risk of being smothered in BBs. For only two seconds… Yes, the rate of fire on the VZ-61 Skorpion GBB is in the 20s. 22 BBs per second to be precise and Tim is here to tell you all about it!

Link to the KSC VZ-61 Skorpion:…



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