Marck from Redwolf Airsoft checks out the KSC M93R Auto 9C GBB Airsoft Pistol.

This week Marck looks at the KSC Auto 9 GBB Pistol. Shooting in both semi-auto and full auto, let’s see how the Auto 9 performs after its long hiatus!

KSC releases the M93R Auto blowback pistol which is based from the famous gun used by the hero in Robo Cop. Please note that this does not take standard KSC M93R mags, so be sure to pick up the M93R Auto 9C mags instead. It comes with all the OCP markings as you would see from the movie and features a semi / full auto firing mode which kicks like a beast!

Firing at a consist 370fps on Green Gas, it kicks rather hard especially for something with a polymer slide. To adjust the hop up, you will need to remove the slide and there is a hex key screw found on the top of the outer barrel.

Lets not forget its extremely high rate of fire which will leave your opposition fleeing in fear when they see it! Though not everyone may like the pistol grip its still a decent GBB pistol to have in your arsenal or for those who enjoy collecting guns to showcase.

Get yours >>> HERE!

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