Marck from Redwolf Airsoft checks out the Hephaestus x GHK AMD-65 GBB Airsoft Rifle.

Today Marck looks at a Hungarian AK variant the AMD 65 GBBR by Hephaestus. With a planned limited run of 300 units, does this good looking gun perform as well as it looks?

Hephaestus are known for their high quality weapons which performs exceptionally well straight out the box. The Hephaestus x GHK AMD-65 GBB is no exception, which features GHK internals making it extremely gas efficient and satisfying to shoot.

It shoots at a steady 410 FPS which is also extremely accurate, perfect for outdoor games. The AMD-65 comes with a standard green gas 40 round GHK AKM magazine, but is also compatible with the other GHK GBB AK magazines, including their Co2 magazines.

Also let’s not forget about that foregrip which is comfortable to hold and the folding stock, making it a joy to shoot while remaining extremely compact.

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