Tim from Redwolf Airsoft checks out the Gun Heaven 1877 Major 3 Revolver Series.

The real steel counterpart to the Uberti Top Breaking Revolver was an efficient, break-open design could be operated with one hand. That made it easy to eject the spent cartridges and reload while on horseback. Very rarely do we get to see a Top-Break revolver in Airsoft but Gun Heaven have done it again with the 1877 MAJOR 3.

A Top-Break Revolver is a quick method to ejecting the shells as it requires breaking the revolver open, via a lever in front of the hammer, for reloading which also operates the extractor. This removes the spent cartridges from the cylinder. It only works if you top-break it with speed and this feature is very cool. It also uses the same shells as the Gun Heaven Webley making things all the more convenient.

This does mean it will come with 6 cartridges which fit one 6mm BB in the front of each one. The 1877 MAJOR 3 is CO2 powered as the capsule is stored in the grip. You will need to loosen the screw underneath and remove the left grip plate to place the capsule inside. The power of the CO2 gives this MAJOR a fps of 360 with a loud bang that comes along with it which is hugely satisfying.

The metallic finish on the revolver is smooth as well as all its functions. You can expect a deviation in fps of about 20 as revolvers are never really that consistent, though this one is more consistent than others. The MAJOR will most likely be used as a wall hanger but that won’t stop rein-actors from taking it out for a spin!