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Tim of RedWolf takes a look at the new GHK M4 RAS GBBR rifle and tells you the difference between the pre-version and the final production model. Enjoy watching!


GHK are very well known for their highly efficient gas magazines and hard kick gas replicas although they have yet to release M4. Until now. They may be late to the game but have released a game changer!

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GHK M4 GBBR facts

  • Weight: 3800g New HOP-UP system, ver 6.0 hammer, and stable bolt lock.
  • Steel made bolt carrier & CNC fishbone rail.
  • The main receiver is made of aluminum die-casting, which is high precision, high stability and good strength.
  • The stock are more strong and not easily broken.
  • The bolt is adopted by impact-resistant material with a German made connect spring. It is flexible, not easy to break, but easy removal and maintenance; which is also save gas for high airtight characteristic.
  • The barrel has very detail heat pattern, which is OEM by Montblanc. Steel thin-walled, light weight, and hollow center, the whole process of producing barrel is almost the same level as real gun.
  • The inner barrel is a precision one with 6.03mm.
  • Dilute phosphoric acid manganese as surface treatment, which has double cost compared to manganese. This make the product no rust, and won’t scratched.
  • The gas consumption of M4 magazine is larger than G5′s mag. M4 magazine can shooting 1 and 1/2 mag a time in auto mode; 2 to 3 mags in semi mode.


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