Marck from Redwolf Airsoft checks out the Dominator International DM870 Airsoft Shotgun.

There were many shotguns that have come before where they have tried to push the boundaries between airsoft and real steel. While many have come close, nothing has blurred the lines quite as much as the Dominator International DM870. This week Marck shows us close to the real thing this airsoft shotgun is.

The DM870 from DOMINATOR uses a complete set of high-quality steel components including the CNC-machined receiver, outer barrel, bolt carrier assembly, and trigger group.

The level of build quality and attention to detail is incredible. Designed to be a realistic combat training shotgun, the DM870 field strips just like the real-steel, and is built rock-solid and reliable. Weight, manufacturing processes, and materials have all been carefully considered to provide you with the ultimate shell-ejecting airsoft shotgun.

Manufactured to RealSpec, the is fully-compatible with a huge range of real-steel accessories and components, allowing for nearly unlimited customisation options.

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