Redwolf Airsoft Overview of the CyberGun GSG G14 EBB AEG. Check out the video below.

The Cybergun GSG G14 is a modern looking electric blow back rifle and ARES was the OEM. The body is made of the same plastic as the ARES Amoeba system as well as the rail system. Just because it’s made of plastic, don’t expect it to be incredibly light as it weighs just under 3 Kilos but since the weight is spread apart, carrying it around in game shouldn’t be an issue.

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The EFCS is the electric fire control system which you can find on the AMOEBA series. The mosfet allows the user to pull the trigger to a certain position allowing the gears one full turn with consistency. It doesn’t matter how you pull the trigger, whether you flick it or pull it all the way back, so long as you pull it to certain position, it’ll shoot.

The EBB system isn’t the strongest out there but it is certainly noticeable. Full auto is one would feel it the most but since the G14 only comes with a 45 round low cap magazine, it’s probably best to stick to semi auto or 2 round burst fire. You read this correctly, two round burst fire! It’s so accurate and consistent, that you will find both BBs hitting the same spot on a target from a range of 20 meters.

The G14 may rattle a fair bit as their is so much room for a battery in the handguard, but it is 11.1V lipo ready and will shoot consistently, accurately with a modest blow back system. The trigger may need to be short stroked but that’s nothing some internal modifications cannot fix. For the price, you’re getting a very good AEG EBB.

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