Tim and Marck from Redwolf Airsoft check out the new Cybergun FN 5-7

The New FN5-7 GBB pistol by Cybergun is the latest of its kind to join the others found out there in the airsoft world. With full FN markings, Tim and Marck take a look at the newest addition to the latest pistol bearing the 5-7 moniker.

Cybergun are to come out with another Five-Seven Gas blowback pistol which is based on the real steel FN Herstal semi-automatic pistol. This particular version does not come with a CO2 magazine like the previous version but this one just feels just as good once it comes to shooting. If you have a P90, you need to have this pistol to complete your authentic FN loadout.

Firing at a rather consist 340fps on Green Gas, it kicks rather hard especially for something with a polymer slide. To adjust the hop up, you will need to remove the slide and there is a hex key screw found on the top of the outer barrel.

It’s mainly made out of plastic weighing in at just under 760g with magazine loaded which is not bad considering the real steel version isn’t made out of metal either. So this is just several grams off of the real weight of the real steel pistol replicating the feel and the weight of the pistol!

There is a Picatinny Rail underneath for your flashlights and lasers if you wish to add them. Field stripping it is exactly what you’d find on thel steel version. The quality is far better than the previous versions of the airsoft 5-7.

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