Tim from Redwolf Airsof checks out the Beta Plan – Intergrated Camcorder Unit (ICU) for you. Check out the product video below.

For the longest time, Airsoft companies and personalities have used GoPros, Contours, Drifts and other cameras to showcase a major event, competition, selfies anything Airsoft related really. But, what if you’re a beginner or a regular player that doesn’t want to spend hundreds on a Camera plus all its accessories? This is where the Integrated Camcorder Unit comes in.

From afar, the ICU may look like a laser unit. It is in fact a mini camera device which can fit on a Picatinny rail system, also known as a MIL-STD-1913 rail. It’s made of a sturdy ABS body so it won’t be damaged to easily if it is hit but an oncoming BB.

It features a holding band which you can apply to the pistol grip which keeps the Pressure switch in position. We suggest using it on an AEG since you don’t have to worry about recoil.¬†The internal lithium battery lasts and hour and the lights will blink red informing the user that it needs charging. You can charge it by plugging in a USB plug, the same one you find on most android phones and many other devices.

Beta Plan are NOT trying to compete with the likes of Gopro and contour here. It’s not even in the same category. Instead, they wanted to provide an affordable, convenient little camcorder to the mass market so that everyone could own one. Priced under USD40, it’s so affordable that there is no reason not to get one!

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