The Airsoft Surgeon Noveske CQB Version II GBBR is now available from Redwolf Airsoft.

Clarence Lai, AKA Airsoft Surgeon, is known for handcrafting fully fine tuned GBB Race Pistols and the occasional M4 / AK GBBR which are upgraded with incredibly reliable internals, air seal parts are carefully reworked to perfection and the final outcome looking exquisite.

Redwolf Airsoft Surgeon Noveske CQB Version II 2This particular Airsoft Surgeon Noveske CQB Version II is based on an Inokatsu WA M4 GBBR Series and they are known for being a reliable gas blow back M4 in the airsoft market. Airsoft Surgeon makes sure that every cut and trim is made with precision as the receivers bolt carrier are lighter for extremely fast cycling, high rate of fire and a sexy metal crunching sound with a metallic ring in the end when cycling the bolt.

Redwolf Airsoft Surgeon Noveske CQB Version IIIt really doesn’t look like any other M4 especially after Airsoft Surgeon has tinkered with it, it’s far more superior than any other GBBR on the market. This particular M4 was made specifically for 3 Gun use as its style is a little too flashy for skirmishing. The upper and lower receiver are sturdy and tough as they are forged. The hand guard is the 10 inch Noveske rail with a standard M4 stock. What makes the AR stand out is the flashy, externally cut receiver allowing you to see the internals. The overall look of the GBBR is absolutely beautiful!

Redwolf Airsoft Surgeon Noveske CQB Version II 6You want to have the best magazine around when shooting this GBBR so it comes with a 50 round ProWin magazine. With everything in place, the only thing to talk about is how it shoots. At a stable 380 fps, taking into account laws and restrictions of Hong Kong, this is enough to reach those targets out far.

Redwolf Airsoft Surgeon Noveske CQB Version II 4All-in-all, this custom piece of airsoft mastery is designed for the expert. Not a single aspect or detail of the replica has been overlooked. When it comes to custom aesthetics and performance, with a tactical balance between them, there is little that can surpass Airsoft Surgeon’s creations.

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