The Airsoft Showcase 2016 has been hosted this year by Redwolf Airsoft UK. The showcase is a very social event where retailers, event providers and organisers can represent themselves and their products to prospective players and each other. This is the second year of the Airsoft Showcase and it is not likely to be the last any time soon.

The atmosphere at the Airsoft Showcase this year was quite alive compared to last year, it may be due to the location and the fact there has been more light at this venue compared to last year. One thing can be said about this year, there has definitely been more interaction between exhibitors and visitors than there was last year.

Once again Redwolf Airsoft UK have pulled off another event which included exhibits such as laser engravings, HPA heavy machine guns and Action Air Practical Pistol Shooting and Three Nation Gun Competitions. Many retailers had also made an appearance to provide their wares, from replica firearms to patches and mobile apps.

If there would be anything to improve over the Airsoft Showcase for next year, it may be to try and advertise the event on par with all exhibitors to try and create a large community front in which to attract visitors. It is most probable that including guest appearances, speakers and/or special announcements will also increase the success of the showcase in the next year. All that really could be said is that as long as exhibitors book spaces and visitors turn up to the event, it is not likely that the Airsoft Showcase won’t be happening in the next year.

Stay tuned as we will be providing profiles on some of the exhibitors and what they had to offer this year.


Xsite Practical Shooting Club allowing visitors to shoot against each other in Three Gun Nation #airsoft #practicalshooting #ipsc #aipsc #threegun

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Incentive Designs have done a massive upgrade on their Tippmann M4? Erm… #airsoft #innovation #engineering #milsim @tippmannsports

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The Airsoft Machine Shop working on a customer's M4 receiver. #airsoft #engraving #custom #laser #logo

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