Redwolf Airsoft signs worldwide licensing agreement for Airsoft with AGENCY ARMS well known for building elite weaponry and accessories for operatives requiring the best equipment.


RWA is proud to announce it has signed an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with AGENCY ARMS on August 21, 2015. RWA is a renowned premium manufacturer and international distributor of licensed Airsoft products. Recent releases have included their epic MG34, KG9, SPS Falcon, Nighthawk Custom Covert Ops and upcoming M1919. In addition to producing the most coveted NIGHTHAWK CUSTOM steel GRP pistol that sets the gold standard for ultimate realism in Airsoft, RWA plans to manufacture a full line of licensed AGENCY ARMS products for the Airsoft community.

AGENCY ARMS, based in California USA, is building an incredibly well respected brand in the custom firearms world, with talented designers and real world soldiers behind the concept. The founders are US war veterans and active law enforcement agents. AGENCY ARMS designs and manufactures functional and stylish customized products for shooters who want something more than off-the-shelf products. By forging together a private community of owners and fans, AGENCY ARMS has created something they call the “brotherhood”; a private community of like-minded individuals who pursue ultimate quality and understand the AGENCY ARMS ethos. All owners of AGENCY ARMS pistols are granted Agent status, and can be promoted to higher tiers. Agents are privileged to special priorities and access not available to the general public.


RWA is excited to be able to manufacture AGENCY ARM’s licensed line of products. RWA is the manufacturing and distribution sister company of RedWolf Airsoft, the first online airsoft store in the world (since 1998). AGENCY ARMS selected RWA for its reputation in quality, and experience in manufacturing highly realistic collector grade replicas. AGENCY ARMS plans to create custom models on many different platforms, and RWA will be working closely with AGENCY ARMS to create a community of Agents for the Airsoft world. Owners of Airsoft AGENCY ARMS pistols will also be granted Agent status as well with an agent card, and will be granted special access to private events and other members-only privileges.

RWA is very excited to bring high quality AGENCY ARMS airsoft products to the market. We look forward to announcing updates on production schedule and release dates. For now, RWA engineers are working jointly with AGENCY ARMS engineers to ensure that the Airsoft licensed versions replicate all the realistic details as the real thing, and to craft a truly unique experience for our Agents.