RECOIL Issue 20


Issue 20 of RECOIL Magazine is HOT off the presses and it’s the best one yet they say!

In this issue of RECOIL, Michael Janich gets all stabby and explains exactly why your blade sucks and what you should do about it. We get to hack on a couple of AR10s and see if our results stand up to the rigors of competition, while Agency Arms get to show off what they can do to a stock handgun. Certified badass John Wayne Walding shows off his ride, and speaking of riding, we ask motorcycle racer and gun nut Colin Edwards what it’s like to hang off a bike at 200 mph for almost two decades. Our resident lunatic, Pete Palma returns to fill an expensive rifle full of mud to see if he could get it to explode. It didn’t – however we did manage to destroy a suppressor.

RECOIL issue 20 has all the snark, fart jokes and misanthropic humor you’ve come to expect from us, along with a heaping helping of guns, knives, skills, trucks, bullets and gear. What more could you ask for?

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