RE Factor Tactical launches the Multi-mode Discreet Carry IFAK, this Kit was designed for those in undercover operations or low-profile environments.

The Multi-mode Discreet Carry IFAK (M.D.C) is specifically designed for those in undercover operations or low-profile environments. The kit was developed as a multipurpose low vis medical kit that can also act as an elastic bandage when needed.

refactortactical 3

Each comes with 8 individual pockets of various sizes designed to fit a multitude of medical items such as gauze, needles, bandages, scissors and more. Additionally, we included removable tabs that can be used to keep the items in place.

refactortactical mdc


The full kit measures 3′ x 4″ and is made from thick elastic that is ideal for compression. Along the band are 12 individual “breaks” that allow the entire elastic bandage to be tightened during application for a higher amount of compression over regular elastic bandages.

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The M.D.C. can be worn on the ankle, around the belly or rolled up and placed in a medical kit. On the kit is a high vis red pull tab that allows for easy location when the kit is in a bag or dark area.

refactortactical mdc3

RE Factor Tactical – M.D.C. Features

Discreet appearance for undercover operations
Low-profile ankle or midsection carry
Measures 3′ x 4″
Multi-functional Elastic Compression Bandage
Kit comes with velcro breaks to allow for tight ratcheting and self-adhesion
8 individual pockets for medical items
High-vis red pull tab
Made in the USA

*Medical items NOT included.

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