RE Factor Tactical launches a new version of their popular Operator Band that integrates an internal thread of red waterproof fire starting tinder to be used when making a fire.

Operator Band3

The Operator Band™ – Live Fire™ Edition has the same features as RE Factor Tactical´s standard Operator Band but offers a bonus strip of 550 FireCord down the center of the band. Each strip is built with an internal thread of red waterproof fire starting tinder to be used when making a fire.

The Operator Band is the first band designed to fit the mission needs of Special Operations Personnel. This band is not your typical paracord “survival” bracelet and is designed to give you components you could count on in need. Designed by a Special Forces S.E.R.E Level C graduate the components included in the Operator Band are designed to give you everything you need in a survival situation to include fire, food procurement and the building of shelter.

Operator Band

In addition each Operator Band comes with a hidden handcuff key in the buckle to allow the user to escape from illegal restraint. The hidden handcuff key can be removed multiple times for practice and the attached buckle allows the keys to be easily separated if needed. RE Factor Tactical uses 80lb Test Braided Fishing Line which can double to make a snare or shelter. RE Factor Tactical includes an 18″ 45lb Test Snare Wire that comes with a coating making it water resistant. The end comes pre-looped for quick set up of the snare when needed. The attached fire starter is made of ferrocerium which burns at over 3000 degrees to help catch tinder on fire when needed.

Standard Operator Band Content

Standard Operator Band Content

RE Factor Tactical also offers an optional add-on Suunto Clipper Compass. The Suunto Clipper Compass offers an illuminating bezel, rotating declination dial and waterproof encasing. The compass can be easily removed and reattached to other items as needed. We chose the Suunto Clipper Compass due to its accurate design and ability to set declination for navigation both during the day and night.


  • 12′ of 550 Paracord
  • 12″ of Live Fire Paracord
  • 30′ of 80lb Test Spider Wire Fishing Line
  • Fishing Hook
  • 18″ of 45lb test Eagle Claw Snare Wire
  • P51 Can Opener
  • Flint Fire Starter
  • Hidden Handcuff Key Buckle
  • Suunto Clipper Compass (OPTIONAL)
  • Assembled in the USA

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