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For 60 years Carinthia – a trademark of the Goldeck Textile Corporation – has devoted itself to insulation technology using both natural and synthetic fibres for use in the most extreme conditions. For over 25 years they have concentrated on the development of Technical Polyester Insulation for demanding conditions. Carinthia’s aim is to achieve maximum efficiency with an optimal warmth to weight ratio.

The famous G-LOFT thermal insulation is the result of intensive research and development. It is used in the wide range of military sleeping systems and garments. Extensive testing resulted in the majority of European military and special forces opting for G-LOFT insulation for normal field exercises and operational deployments. Even under the most extreme conditions G-LOFT offers superior performance and comfort.

We are very proud to announce that R&D Specialist Equipment has been appointed the distributor for the UK and Irish markets. We will offer Carinthia’s full range of military equipment and their Outdoor range. R&D Specialist Equipment will be responsible for of all Dealer and Government/NGO sales, where SPEQ-SE.com will take care of any individual sales. If you are located in Ireland or the United Kingdom and are interested in representing the brand (or any other brands we represent), please contact us for more information on terms and conditions.

Below you will find our details and if you have any questions or queries, feel free to contact Mike or myself.



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