Phantom LC Holster for XC1


Introducing | The Phantom LC Holster for XC1

Raven Concealment Systems offers their customers a new holster for use with an SureFire, LLC XC1 weapon light.


Phantom LC Holster for XC1A new pistol-mounted light is useless if you don’t have a way to carry it! But they have the solution: By placing your pre-order, you’ll get your new Surefire XC1 and a Phantom LC holster for just $299.99! And here’s the best part: While the rest of the industry is waiting to see and touch an XC1 for the first time, they already have one and have created the tooling and fixtures for holster production!

Phantom LC Holster for XC1

The Surefire XC1 promises to be a game-changing weapon-mounted light. According to Surefire, this long-awaited, ultra-compact pistol light will be shipping to dealers in less than 60 days. So if you want to get yourself one, be prepared and pre-order your Phantom LC holster today!

Grab your Phantom LC Holster for XC1, click here!


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