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The Radical Firearms SpitFire is a modular muzzle device that allows you to switch between two different ends.

Introducing the SpitFire™, a Revolutionary New Modular muzzle brake by Radical Firearms. The SpitFire™ is CNC machined using the highest quality materials available and is made in the USA! The body is CNC machined from Billet 4150V Chromoly BAR stock.

Radical Firearms Spitfire

The SpitFire™ comes with two interchangeable heads: one a krink style brake that redirects the noise, blast, and concussion forward away from the shooter down range. The other head, The Fireball also redirects the noise, blast and concussion forward but creates a fireball of a flash to astound Hephaestus himself!

Radical Firearms Spitfire2

Radical Firearms – 5.56MM SpitFire Muzzle Brake Specs

Outside Diameter – 1.375″
OAL assembled – 3.200″
Weight assembled – 10 oz with Krink brake
Weight assembled – 9.2 oz with Fireball brake

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Radical Firearms is a Title II NFA Gun Manufacturer and retail operation with a complete / ever growing collection of pistols, rifles, shotguns, silencers, and machine guns. We manufacture, in house, our own line of custom built AR-15’s, high end bolt action rifles and tactical shotguns, and silencers. We are a fully tooled and operational gun-smithing facility with a staff full of passionate employees who have over 60 plus years of combined experience in the industry and are more than happy and willing to make your special build ideas come true.

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