This video is showing how to changing fire mode – PTS VPSC Virgo

The PTS VPSC VIRGO MK-1 is the inaugural collaboration project between PTS and VFC and the first complete factory AEG built around the new VFC Virgo system.

The Virgo features the brand new ECS Gearbox by VFC with all new reinforced gearbox components including 8mm bearing bushings, steel precision cut high speed gears, fiber-reinforced tappet plate and piston with reinforced teeth, heat resistant switch mount, precision cylinder, and bearing spring guide. The gearbox also features a quick change spring system so you can modify the rifle easily for CQB or outdoor field use without disassembling the rifle. The new built-in Digital Fire Control System ensures immediate and crisp trigger response and has easily programmable semi, auto, and burst modes.

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