PTS Syndicate announced that the ATOM Slide for Tokyo Marui G17 GBB pistols, licensed by Unity Tactical is now available.

PTS Unity Tactical ATOM Now Available2

The PTS Unity Tactical ATOM™ is a Tokyo Marui G17 compatible slide kit. The PTS ATOM™ slide is specifically designed to be able to mount RMR-style micro red dot optics for ultra-fast and accurate target acquisition.

PTS Unity Tactical ATOM Now Available

The ATOM™ comes with front slide serrations, integrated front and rear suppressor sights and a red dot adapter dovetail cut. The front slide serrations allow for a better grip on the slide when manipulating it, whether for press-checking, jam clearing, racking to load or unload, or single handed manipulations during less than optimal gripping conditions like when wet, bloody, muddy, etc. The suppressor height iron sights allow you to always maintain an aimed sight picture even when using the pistol with a suppressor or if the red dot malfunctions.

PTS Unity Tactical ATOM Now Available3


  • Mount optics without slide modification.
  • ATOM™ Package includes:
  • Integrated back-up iron sights (BUIS).
  • Red Dot Adapter fitted only with RMR style Red Dots
  • Slide
  • Steel 14mm CW Barrel
  • Thread protector
  • Housing for the TM G17
  • Nozzle return spring guide
  • Reinforced Nozzle Set
  • Piston Head
  • Reinforced Trigger Bar
  • Steel Zero Hammers Set
  • Recoil Spring Guide
  • PTS Enhanced Polymer Shockplate™

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