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PTS Post SHOT Show 2016 AAR

SHOT Show 2016 was incredibly exciting for PTS Syndicate. Talking to dealers, consumers and licensors, we received great feedback. We are always blown away and appreciative of all the interest our company, products and licensor partnerships generate. To see people excited by what we do helps make all the hard work we put into our products worth it.


PTS SHOT Show 2016 AAR


In case you missed any of the exciting new product announcements, there’s a plethora of PTS SHOT Show videos from third parties that can be viewed at our website blog section. Some highlights include a Mega Arms 7.62 Gas Blowback BattleRifle with 3 round burst, Masada ERG, Centurion Arms C4 10.5″ GBBR, Custom G17 Slides and AR-15 rails to name just a few.

And that’s just a start. Expect to see even more new and exciting yet to be announced products from PTS in 2016!


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